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Do you want to learn Energy Healing or

Become a Professional Healer?

About The Energy Healing Foundations Course: 

Our Energy Healing Foundations Course~

was created to provide a safe space to learn and develop your healing gifts.

This course is great for anyone wanting to learn for their own personal growth and those who wish to become a professional energy healer.

This is an extensive training course designed to:

  • Give you a comprehensive education in the art and science of energy healing

  • Help you heal your own traumas, wounds and move into self-love

  • Master specialized hand's on healing techniques

  • Safely & effectively develop and awaken your Chakras and raise your vibration

  • Develop your high sense perception and refine your own gifts and skills

  • Cultivate the wisdom & harmony within yourself so that you can help others heal

  • Prepare you at all levels to successfully provide professional services  

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Are you a Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer, or Beauty/Health Professional? Would you like to:

  • Easily increase your earnings

  • Provide enhanced results for your clients

  • Better maintain your own energy levels

  • Truly align your practice with your authentic self

  • Leverage services for less physical stress on your body…


Then Integrating Energy Healing and Vibrational healing tools into your practice is just what you need!  

Energy Healing Foundations Course Content:

Shadow Healing & Spiritual Connection

•Authentic & Conditioned Self

•Connecting & Working with Source/Spirit

•Generational Patterning & Core Shame

•Developing Deep Self-Love


•What are Essential Oils

•Using Quality Therapeutic Grade oil

•Essential Oil Safety and Methods of Use

Ethics and Boundaries

•Energy Healing Ethics


•Communication & Listening

•Money & Services

Energy Healing Safe Practices

•The Role of a Healer

•Energetic Hygiene & Self-Care

•Listening Skills

•Healing Session Basics

The Principals and Science of Energy

•Understanding Energy and Vibration

•The Laws of The Universe​


Acuntonics: Tuning Forks

•Tuning Fork Basics & Safe Usage

•Tuning Fork Chakra Clearing and Balancing Treatment

Chakras & Energy Healing Sessions

•Testing Chakra Blockages

•Clearing, Filling & Balancing Chakras

•Filling with Color Frequencies

•Charging/Discharging Energy

•Sealing Joints

•Channeling Energy & Color Frequencies

•Developing Your High Sense Perception

•Soap Notes/Charting

Essential oils.jpg

Energy Healers do not manipulate tissues, diagnose disease, or prescribe medication.

Healing is a direct response to clearing and balancing the Chakras and energy meridians so they may regain the proper energy flow and balance within the subtle energy systems. The body has an innate ability  to heal itself when it is able to correctly process energy and this manifests results on all levels physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  

Energy Healing is the Beautiful Art of Integrating Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science: 


Training Classes are facilitated by Brynna Lyon- Founding Spiritual Healing Minister & Certified Energy Therapist. Brynna has over 11 years of experience serving clients along with a 560 hour Diploma in the art and science of energy healing and vibrational medicine. Brynna is also a holistic life coach, published author (Space Clearing Guidebook) and a proud professional member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Practitioner's  Association. Over the years, Brynna has worked with several other healers and coaches who have been amazed with her skills, knowledge and ability to truly help them. People who work with her have profound life transformations and many of them have requested to learn from her how to do this remarkable healing work. After many thoughtful hours of planning and preparing Brynna is NOW offering her knowledge and mentoring to the world. 

Course Format & Class Schedule:

The foundations Course is a combination of online training, in-person training, self-study and practice. 


Online Classroom: Classes will start via online classroom. The online platform makes it convenient to be able to balance your life and work with your training. Through the online platform you learn the course content and receive homework. You will have access to video trainings, the ability print off handouts and worksheets, work at your own pace, and easily review the course content at your convenience. The platform is designed to give you flexibility while still keeping you accountable and help you to stay on track. Each week there will be lessons and homework that will be posted online with the due date. Homework consists of both practical educational materials as well as healing exercises to cultivate deep self-awareness and trust while developing your healing gifts.  You must complete the required homework prior to each hands-on training week.

Hands-on Training: is in-person at one of our training locations. See the schedule below for the current available locations and training dates.  Class size consists of a small group of students (4-12 people) to allow plenty of one-to-one interaction and guidance with the instructor(s) while providing a safe and intimate learning environment. Classes are designed to teach hands on training techniques and consist of other activities such as lecture, movement, bodywork and more. Students will partner with each other to learn and practice receiving and giving energy healing sessions during training. 

Student Clinic: Students will participate in our student clinic during the last week of training classes. Student clinic is an opportunity for local community members to receive energy healing and for our students to gain experience in a professional setting and receive valuable feedback. Student Clinic is free to the public and students are encouraged to invite their friends and family to participate. 

Practice Healing Sessions: Students are required to practice giving healing sessions between classes as part of the homework. ​We will help you obtain everything you need during registration.

Students will need to obtain:

  • A massage table with head cradle & wooden legs

  • Step stool

  • Head rest covers

  • Bolsters for knees & neck bolster

Supplies Included:

  • Wooden Pendulum

  • All Course Training Materials & Books

  • Everyday Essential Oils Collection

  • Acutonics® Ohm Tuning Fork Set & Activator

  • Space Clearing Kit

  • Health History Form Template

  • 12+ Client Healing & Coaching Worksheet Templates


Now Accepting Application Interviews for the following Training Locations!

Sumner, Washington:

Registration Ends January 28th

Space is Limited to 6 participants

$500 non-refundable deposit is required to register.

Gain access to the Online training as soon as your register!

Payment Options:

Pay in full: $4,500 balance due January 28th


$1500 due January 28th &

6-Monthly payments of $500

Hands On Training dates:

Week 1: February 18th-21st,  2022

Week 2: March 24th-26th, 2022

Week 3: April 23rd-25th, 2022

Week 4: June 3rd-5th, 2022

Total Training Investment

with included supplies & materials:


Conroe, Texas:

Registration Ends February 22nd

Early Bird Special Ends January 31st:

Save $300 

Space is Limited to 12 participants.

Payment is due in full to register

Gain access to the Online training as soon as your register!

Hands On Training dates:

Week 1: March 13th-16th,  2022

Week 2: April 9th-11th, 2022

Week 3: May 13th-15th, 2022

Week 4: June 10th-12th, 2022

Total Training Investment

with included supplies & materials:


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